COVID-19: Foods you should eat if you are infected

1. COVID-19: Foods you should eat to get well soon

What should you do, if you test positive for the coronavirus? The second wave of the pandemic has left us so vulnerable to the life-threatening effects of COVID-19 that it has been a wake-up call for most of us to build immunity and strengthen the body’s ability to fight off the terrible virus.

However, recovering from this life-threatening illness is not easy, but if you manage to take the right steps at the right time, your way to recovery can be fast and effective. According to experts the key to a faster recovery is to change your diet and add health-enriching and nutritious foods that help boost weakened immunity. Here are some tips you should follow if you are trying to recover from COVID-19.

2. Why is it important to increase immunity?

The second wave of COVID-19 has created fear among the masses with the severity of the cases affecting the lungs, respiratory system, heart health and other vital organs. While good nutrition is essential for fighting off the ill effects of the virus, a healthy diet along with simple breathing exercises can help revive depleted health conditions and help boost strength and immunity. Here are some foods that you should add to your diet, if you have tested positive for the coronavirus.

3. What do the experts suggest?

According to Dr Vishnuraj Prakash, Head of Ayurveda, Vana Retreat, Dehradun, our immunity helps our physiological system to fight off bacterial or viral invasion. People need to understand that a balanced immune response is essential to ward off these infections and bounce back to health.

Most viral infections become serious either due to a lack of immune response or due to a hyper immune response. The following dietary practices and choices help modulate a balanced immune response and may facilitate faster recovery from COVID-19 infection.

4. Increase Protein intake

Protein helps in building muscle and repairing cell damage, which further helps boost your immunity. The reason why experts recommend increasing the intake of protein-rich foods is because it helps in healing cell damage caused by COVID-19.

Adding protein-rich foods such as fish, lean meats, bananas, nuts and seeds, nuts and legumes to your diet during or after COVID-19 will help replenish lost nutrients. This protein-rich food is also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids that help boost metabolism and promote gut health.

5. Include calorie-dense nutrition

Most of us are addicted to counting calories after every bite to stay in shape, but if you have COVID-19 and are on a recovery path then you should give up the habit of counting calories as the recovery phase requires some nutrient dense foods that help restore your depleted health. and strengthen your immune system.

The absence of healthy calories in this phase can slow down your recovery rate. So, it’s important to include calorie-dense foods like nuts, seeds, and whole grains. In fact, dried fruits and nuts help improve overall health.

6. Vitamins are very important

Adding fresh produce like fruits and vegetables helps in faster recovery, this is the reason why experts recommend including fresh vegetables and fruits. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants helps strengthen the body’s resistance to fight deadly viruses such as COVID-19. The addition of vitamin C and multivitamin-rich fruits such as oranges, mangoes, pineapples, lemons help restore lost nutrients, hydrate the body, and help improve the respiratory system.

7. Add soy-based foods

Adding protein-rich soybeans to your daily diet can help speed up healing and recovery after COVID-19. As per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, it is suggested that adding high protein soy based foods can help boost immunity naturally. Also following a nutrient-dense vegetarian diet can improve overall health and immunity, post COVID-19.

8. In nutshell

Apart from adding these healthy foods to your daily diet, you should keep a check on your sugar and salt intake as they can cause spikes in sugar levels or blood pressure levels, which in turn slows down the recovery process. So, for a faster and more effective recovery, make sure you add fruits, vegetables, healthy protein-rich foods and reduce your intake

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