Easy Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Geteasyhealth.com – In the world of constant communication and chatter, we have forgotten the importance of slowing down. Our mind is constantly creating thoughts and stories, and it has led to many problems such as overthinking and anxiety. If you also face these issues, you need to give your mind a break.

The best way to do that is through practicing meditation. Stillness and doing nothing seems easy, but our mind fights the process of meditation by labeling it boring. That is why it is essential to learn the proper techniques as a beginner.

Here are the top easy meditation techniques for beginners.

1. Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditations are one of the most basic and common techniques. Mindful breathing is a core component of any meditation practice. The technique involves using your breath as the sole object of focus.

To start your meditation, it is essential to focus on the present moment and your breath. Here is a beginner technique you can try:

  • Inhale with your nose for four seconds
  • Hold your breath for at least seven seconds
  • Exhale using the mouth for eight seconds
  • Repeat this four times

The above technique will rejuvenate your nervous system and will put your mind at ease in no time.

2. Focus Meditation

As the name suggests, this meditation technique requires you to focus on an object and examine it thoroughly. For example, you can choose a plant and sit and stare at it. Immerse your senses and touch the plant to understand its texture and pay attention to all its unique features.

Focus meditation is all about observing and noticing the smallest of details. Breathe deeply during this practice and clear your mind of any other thoughts. Just focus on the object and be one with it through this meditation technique.

3. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is about enjoying the present moment and being in it fully. It is about not being distracted by the future or the past or any other thoughts. You focus on the moment, and you create an awareness of what you are sensing or feeling without judging or labeling it.

You can start this practice by breathing deeply and focusing on how your body feels from the toes to the top of your head. However, you can practice this meditation while doing other tasks too. Being mindful means giving something your 100% attention.

That is why you can apply this technique to mundane tasks such as cleaning your room or washing the dishes. You have to breathe deeply and give the task your undivided attention without giving into any distracting thoughts.

Final Words

These are the top three easy meditation techniques for beginners. If you are struggling to meditate, try these techniques and see how your meditation experience changes for the better. Start small, and then work your way up.

For example, start by meditating for five minutes a day and then keep increasing the time. Doing this will help your mind get used to awareness and stillness.

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