How To Add Lean Muscle Mass – Let’s be serious … chances are if you are a point where you are online looking for the Best Pre-Workout Supplements then you are likely at a stage in your training where you are already exercising regularly, but are wanting to really pack on a few pounds of lean mass! You’re fairly seasoned to the weight room; however, how close of attention are you paying to your food?

“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

Heard that before? Likely … But! You don’t just want a nice six-pack, you also want to fill out a few more t-shirts and get the thighs in your pants a little snugger. Well! Guess what? You’re only building muscle when you feed it the necessary energy. In order for us to add “mass” to our frame, without compromising on composition, there needs to be not only the right amount of macronutrients coming in, but also the right types and in the correct quantities.

Here’s What’s Next: You’re going to grab a journal and write down your food for five days (this is going to include a minimum of three lifting days and two rest days. At which point you’re going to calculate a few things:

How many calories per day was I taking in?

What ratios were my carbs/fats/proteins coming in?

How many meals a day was I taking in?

What has my bodyweight been doing the past five days?

Complete the first step, and read till the end where I am going to tell you what to fix.

You want to put on some lean size? Guess what, it’s going to take some patience, and it’s also going to take more food than you are currently eating … (in most cases, I should note).

Take your bodyweight (BW) and multiply it by 15. This is now you’re starting point for your caloric intake. Next step is to translate that caloric intake into a 40:40:20 ratio (carbs:proteins:fats) and establish a new menu of 6 meals a day.

Head hurt yet? Let me show you an example:

If a guy weighs 200lbs, he is going to eat 3000 calories (200 x 15 = 3000). 40% of those calories are going to be carbohydrates, 40% are going to be proteins, and 20% are going to be fats. This means he is going to eat 1200 calories of carbohydrate, 1200 calories of protein, and 600 calories of fat per day. Broken down even further among 6 meals a day this is equivalent to 200 calories of carbohydrate per meal, 200 calories of protein, and 100 calories of fat per meal.

From here, you play the waiting game. You eat the same macros and calories every single day for 7 days and monitor your weight. It should first of all stabilize to the point that you are within a pound or two of yourself everyday, and then slowly it will start to climb:

If your weight starts to drop: add an additional 250 calories to your menu and eat according to that new caloric range for a period of 5 days. If it drops again, add an additional 250 calories, and keep repeating as long as your weight is dropping.

If your weight starts to spike: remove 250 calories from your menu and eat according to that new caloric range for a period of 5 days. If it spikes again, remove an additional 250 calories, and keep repeating as long as your weight is dropping.

So what do you really want? The idea is to get you to a point where you are eating and training very consistently, and you are putting on an average of 0.25 to 0.5 lbs a week. If you are gaining more than that, it is likely fat. If you’re weight is staying the same, then hopefully your body composition is changing and you are adding muscle and losing some fat. Either way, it’s all about Establishing Variables and STICKING TO THEM! Make SUBTLE changes as you go, but all in all, it is a game of patience. Even at 0.25lbs a week you are talking 12-13 pounds of muscle a year. Repeat that process a few times are you are going to maintain a very lean, very muscular, and REALLY strong frame.

Honestly? There’s a bit more to it than what is in this article. You also need to consider clean food choices, possibly a different macronutrient ratio, some dietary enzymes, supplements, etc… But! If you are consistent, you track your food, train hard, and act patiently, then you are going to be successful.

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