Meditation as a Journey to the Unknowable

Meditation as a Journey to the Unknowable

Meditation is a journey into the unknowable.

The follow of sitting and being completely free, unattached and nonreactive permits all the ideas of our thoughts to fall away.

You see, we dwell in a largely conceptual actuality.

What’s Conceptual Actuality?

The overwhelming majority of what we expertise are ideas – concepts that tackle perceptual type by way of behavior and familiarity.

And the conceptual actuality we dwell in is consistently bolstered by way of our use of language.

I’m taking a look at one thing sitting right here on the desk in entrance of me.

I habitually name it a espresso cup. However in fact it isn’t a espresso cup.

A espresso cup is simply an concept, however I understand this factor in entrance of me as a espresso cup.

We would subsequent say that the espresso cup is admittedly an object, however an object can be an concept.

Possibly it’s extra correct to say that the espresso cup is definitely a set of sensations. Smoothness, hardness, curvedness, solidness, and so on. However wait, these are additionally ideas.

Pure Undifferentiated Notion

If we take this journey all over and let go of all conceptualization we enter into an expertise of pure undifferentiated notion.

It’s a unity of expertise that is aware of no distinction. That is what’s also known as non-dual expertise in japanese traditions.

We will likely be tempted to consider this as oneness, however oneness is an idea.

The expertise that I’m talking about isn’t an expertise of oneness. It’s an expertise of not-knowing.

It might be extra correct to name it vacancy quite than oneness, however vacancy can be an idea.

The Expertise of Not-knowing

To enter into a real non-conceptual relationship to the world we have now to be keen to maintain a protracted expertise of not-knowing.

Within the face of the insecurity of not realizing there’ll all the time be part of us that calls for decision.

That a part of us will contact into the unknown for a second or two however will instantly demand to know what it’s experiencing.

To go this far we have now to discover ways to relaxation within the unresolved, unknowable area of non-conceptual consciousness.

Probably the most superb de-conceptualizing that we will expertise in meditation is the novel de-conceptualization of our sense of self.

You see, not solely are all of the objects round you conceptualized perceptions, however you might be additionally a conceptualized notion to your self.

Letting Go

In meditation we’re letting go of the notion of being the person who we expect we’re.

As we let go an increasing number of, we see how our sense of self is constructed in every second from an amalgamated association of sensations, reminiscences, feelings and concepts.

All of those are consistently being formed into an expertise of being the person who we expect are.

As we let go much more we even lose the sense of separate sensations and fall into an expertise of pure consciousness.

We now not exist as a recognizable self. We’re there however not in any approach that may be skilled. We’re consciousness.


We’re consciousness. However we’re not an entity that’s conscious.

There isn’t any entity separate from consciousness. There’s simply consciousness.

There simply is.

On this sacred area we will solely be. We can’t know something or do something. We merely are.

Knocking simply on the opposite facet of an invisible door there’ll all the time be our acquainted thoughts begging for decision.

“Let me in!” It calls for. “Let me know what’s occurring in there.”

You’ll be tempted to open the door and permit the thoughts to seek out decision by conceptualizing and satisfying its incessant have to know.

For those who open the door you’ll inadvertently provoke a course of that inevitably leads again to the complete conceptual world you simply left behind.

For those who chorus from opening the door and be taught to relaxation within the unknowable you’ll turn out to be radically out there for unimaginable prospects.

Abidance within the unknown is the supply of all inventive.

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