Never Skip Breakfast to Loose Weight

Most of you think that by skipping breakfast you can burn your fats. But it is absolutely wrong. Breakfast is a fuel that keeps you running throughout the day. Your brain and your nervous system needs glucose to work and this glucose is provided by proper breakfast.

Your metabolic rate is lower in morning and if you skip breakfast you feel short of energy. Your body system tries to convert fat into glucose and you can gain weight. A healthy breakfast gives your metabolism a good start to burn calories fast. Most of you skip breakfast due to lack of time. Here are some quick foods that provide you energy without causing weight gain such as banana with a glass of milk, yogurt with crunch, raisins and peanuts and juices etc.

Breakfast acts as a weapon against overweight. Just think if you don’t eat breakfast then naturally you eat more food at lunch and dinner or you may eat snacks inbetween. This way you are more prone to gain weight. If you take your breakfast you may find your energy level going up and the excess weight coming down. Starting the day with a well-balanced meal that supplies adequate protein, carbohydrate and fiber make you energetic for whole day.
Add cereals in your breakfast to make it healthy. A healthy breakfast also improves your mental health.

If you want to control your weight then avoid skipping breakfast. A healthy breakfast fills you with energy and you can fight with your fatigue and stress throughout the day.

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