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Most Effective Treatment for PCOS

treatments PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal dysfunction that’s finest handled via life-style adjustments and drugs.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal dysfunction generally seen in younger girls. In PCOS, there may be the formation of a number of cysts contained in the ovaries main to numerous issues within the physique.

This will have an effect on both one or each ovaries on the identical time.

In sufferers with PCOS, there may be an irregular or absence of ovulation as a consequence of disrupted hormonal ranges. The ova secreted then type fluid-filled cysts inside the ovaries and secrete androgen

OM101 – Jeff Carreira on Finding Equanimity Amid Uncertainty

Jeff Carreira One Mind Podcast

On this episode, I interview my former mentor and religious instructor Jeff Carreira.

Jeff and I lived, labored, and practiced in an intentional religious neighborhood collectively for 13 years in Western Massachusetts. Jeff was not solely a religious mentor to me throughout that point, however he was additionally my boss.

Jeff was the Director of our academic programming, and I used to be his program supervisor. Collectively, Jeff and I constructed a thriving program of retreats and digital programs.

And in a strict ashram with a tough instructor, Jeff offered an oasis of ease and compassionate presence. Jeff helped me,

How Meditation Will Shape Your New Year

How Meditation Will Shape Your New Year

I like this highly effective time after we transition from one 12 months into the subsequent. In my nation, whether or not or not you rejoice the end-of-year holidays, the unmistakable essence of a sort of finality fills the air. And in an identical manner, no matter your beliefs or background, experiencing some sense of uncharted risk on the New Yr appears unavoidable. For an earthly however ubiquitous instance, it’s when gyms all the time expertise their greatest bump in new memberships!

I need to share with you the way I’ve been participating the momentum of this era to catalyze