Should I Be Worried About Pregnancy if I Used a Condom?

Condoms are a popular method of birth control. If used correctly, there's about a 2 percent risk of becoming pregnant while using a condom, but it's a good idea to use another method of birth control along with it.

Condoms are a preferred methodology of contraception. If used appropriately, there’s a couple of 2 p.c danger of turning into pregnant whereas utilizing a condom, however it’s a good suggestion to make use of one other methodology of contraception together with it.

Condoms are a preferred methodology of contraception since they’re extremely efficient in terms of stopping being pregnant and sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs). In addition they do not include any hormones. When condoms are used appropriately, they’ve a really excessive charge of stopping being pregnant. Even so, they don’t seem to be 100% efficient, so it is a good suggestion to make use of condoms together with one other type of contraception to observe protected intercourse.

What are condoms and the way do they work?

A condom is a barrier type of contraception that forestalls you from immediately touching your companion. That is one of the simplest ways to guard each of you from STIs. It’s additionally an efficient methodology of contraception because it stops the person’s sperm from reaching the lady’s eggs.

There are three totally different sorts of condoms:

  • Male condom: goes over the penis and collects semen when the person ejaculates.
  • Feminine condom: additionally referred to as an inside condom, this sort goes inside the lady’s vagina to forestall sperm from reaching the eggs.
  • Dental dam: a particular condom you need to use throughout oral intercourse to forestall STIs.

Condoms will be product of latex, polyurethane, or lambskin. Latex condoms are the only option since they don’t break as simply and do job of stopping STIs. When you or your companion have a latex allergy, polyurethane condoms are the following most suitable option.

Some condoms are lubricated to scale back the friction created throughout intercourse. This helps to forestall the condom from breaking or tearing. Condoms can also be coated with spermicide, too. In case the condom does break, the spermicide can assist sluggish the sperm down so it would not attain the egg.

Effectiveness of condoms

No methodology of contraception has a 100% charge of stopping being pregnant. Nevertheless, when you use condoms appropriately, there’s a superb likelihood of stopping being pregnant. Condoms have a 98% charge of effectiveness, which means there’s nonetheless a 2% likelihood that you could possibly develop into pregnant whereas utilizing a condom. This could occur if the condom breaks and also you don’t use a secondary type of backup contraception. There’s additionally a small likelihood that pre-ejaculate, or pre-cum, may attain the egg earlier than the condom is placed on correctly.

If condoms are your solely type of contraception, they have to be used each time that you’ve intercourse with a view to forestall being pregnant. It have to be placed on appropriately, proper facet out. You must also solely use condoms that aren’t expired. Outdated condoms have a tendency to interrupt simpler.

If a condom breaks throughout intercourse, most individuals don’t notice it till after. When you notice throughout intercourse that the condom broke, it is best to cease immediately and placed on a brand new one. If you recognize the condom broke and it was your solely type of contraception, there’s a chance of turning into pregnant. To keep away from being pregnant, you’ll be able to name your physician or well being care supplier to hunt out emergency contraception.

When you used a condom however are apprehensive there could be an opportunity of turning into pregnant for any purpose, it is best to wait to take a being pregnant check till at the very least one week after your missed interval. If taken too early, a being pregnant check can provide a false unfavourable end result.

Suggestions for utilizing condoms

If you use condoms appropriately, your probabilities of stopping being pregnant improve.

Storage. Hold your condoms someplace that isn’t too sizzling or too chilly. They need to even be saved someplace away from sharp objects or different gadgets that might puncture the condom. This consists of not carrying condoms in your pockets the place they will simply get damaged earlier than use.

Lubricants. When you use lubricants, keep away from oil-based merchandise. These merchandise, like lotions or Vaseline, can break down the latex in condoms. Nevertheless, you need to use oil-based lubricants with polyurethane condoms. To be protected, keep on with water-based lubes since they’re protected to make use of with any type of condom.

Timing. When practising protected intercourse, a condom have to be placed on earlier than sexual contact begins. As talked about, it’s potential that you could possibly get pregnant if pre-cum enters the vagina earlier than a condom is worn. Don’t consider placing on a condom as an interruption. As an alternative, simply consider it as a part of the method.

Additionally, do not forget that a condom can solely be worn as soon as. In case you have intercourse a number of instances, it’s necessary to placed on a brand new condom every time. 

Different types of contraception

To completely forestall being pregnant, it’s necessary to make use of a backup type of contraception. For ladies, some hormonal choices embody:

Some barrier strategies embody:

Understand that neither hormonal nor barrier strategies are 100% efficient towards stopping being pregnant. Solely condoms are efficient at stopping STIs.

Even when you use a condom each time, realizing while you’re fertile and retaining observe of when you’ve intercourse can assist you higher perceive when you will get pregnant.


The primary signal of being pregnant is most frequently:
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