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Low Carb Diet Plan

Low carb diet plans were originally promoted as high protein diet. You can find many different low carb diets out there. Many of the initial low carb diet plans claimed that you could eat as much fat as you want to and still continue to lose weight. As nutritional research advanced, data start to show that this claim may not be the healthiest approach. When more low carb diet plans emerged, the ratio of protein, carbs and fats it calls for changed too. But despite the difference in today’s low carb diet plans, they basically …


The Keto diet has probably become a top trend of eating patterns in the last few years. People have labelled it as their staple eating standard to maintain their healthy lifestyle. This particular diet suggests the intake of an adequate amount of protein with low carbohydrates and promotes high-fat consumption. Basically, in this diet, the carbohydrates are drastically reduced and are replaced with fats.


Ketogenic diets have been considered highly efficient to handle difficult-to-control epilepsy patients. Not only this, the diet is significant to maintain the blood sugar and …