The Finders Course, Permanent Enlightenment, & Fundamental Wellbeing with Dr. Jeffery Martin

OM094 - The Finder's Course, Permanent Enlightenment, & Fundamental Wellbeing with Dr. Jeffery Martin


Dr. Jeffery Martin is a founding father of the Transformative Know-how house, serial entrepreneur and social scientist who researches private transformation and the states of best human well-being. He spent the final 10 years conducting the biggest worldwide examine on persistent non-symbolic expertise (PNSE), which incorporates the forms of consciousness generally generally known as: enlightenment, nonduality, the peace that passeth understanding, unitive expertise, and tons of of others. Extra lately, he has used this analysis to make programs out there to assist folks get hold of profound psychological advantages in a speedy, secular, dependable, and protected means.

His analysis started with over 1,000 people who claimed to expertise PNSE. This resulted within the first dependable, cross-cultural and pan-tradition classification system for these sorts expertise. It additionally led to the basic discovery that these have been psychological states that had been recognized and adopted for hundreds of years by many cultures and perception programs. They weren’t inherently religious or non secular, or restricted to any given tradition or inhabitants, and might be molded in some ways to form the expertise.

Jeffery’s present work includes serving to folks use what’s been discovered to make the life-changing transformation into PNSE. His most up-to-date examine achieved robust validation, with roughly 73% of contributors who efficiently accomplished this system reaching ongoing non-symbolic expertise in lower than 4 months ( His curiosity in Transformative Know-how comes from a perception that findings like his may be translated into mass client applied sciences and have an effect on billions of lives worldwide. Since 2008 he has labored to carry collectively the stakeholders from academia, expertise, enterprise, finance, and public coverage to create a sustainable expertise house that dramatically improves human well-being.


The Finder’s E book by Dr. Jeffery Martin
Finish of your World by Adyashanti


Jeffery’s Web site
Finder’s Course
Explorer’s Course (Free Mini Course)
Heart for the Research of Non-Symbolic Consciousness
Tranformative Know-how Convention
Arnaud Delorme


The Meditation for Life Mini Course

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