The Five Elements and Energy

The Five Elements, and Energy

Do you know how important energy is to all processes, situations, events, to everything? One of the most effective ways to grasp the dynamic of life, and of Yoga, is by considering the energetic relationship between the five elements, or energies of nature.

These five energies which underlie the five technical processes of the Hatha Yoga method, are fundamental to everything, and are symbolically defined as the five elements of the natural world: earth, water, fire, air, and space. The y represent the context, and the four stages of manifestation.

1. Space represents the context of existence, traditionally known as consciousness

2. Air represents the gaseous level of existence, where distinct energies come into play

3. Fire represents the plasmic level, where energies meet, engage, and transform

4. Water represents the liquid level of existence, where energies are becoming more focused, more stable, more defined

5. Earth represents the solid level where objects are formed by virtue of stable duration in time, and space

The symbolic representations of these states are useful to us because they are familiar. We have all been interacting with earth, water, fire, and air in their many forms since conception. All within the context not only of physical space, but also awareness, and consciousness.

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