The Perfect Yoga Pants: Full And Supple

Yoga has become an increasingly popular pastime among many of today’s professionals. Surprisingly enough however, few people know that there is specific attire attached to the activity of yoga, specifically as far as pants are concerned.

Yoga is, in general, an activity that requires your clothes to be more flexible than you are, and stretch more than normal clothes. Because of the often times unusual positions you will find yourself in when practicing yoga, the clothes you wear have to be especially adaptive to the specific activity you are going to be taking part in. Just as you wouldn’t wear a Hawaiian shirt in the Artic, nor should you wear just any clothes when engaging in a strenuous activity as yoga.

What’s so special About Yoga Pants?

The primary premise of yoga is to release stress in the body and increase strength and flexibility. It makes sense that anything to do with yoga also need to possess all these traits—strong and flexible, and avoiding adding stress anywhere in the body. The result is a pair of yoga pants, that are full and supple, allowing a wide range of moment and flexibility while still remaining strong and comfortable.

Luckily for you, once you discover the joy of yoga positions pants, finding a pair that fit you perfectly is a relatively easy task. Since the rise in popularity of yoga, yoga pants have become increasingly prevalent. Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Old Navy and Reebok all carry varying styles and designs of pants—enough to satisfy just about any taste.

Fortunately, the only variance is in the price, not the quality of the pants themselves. You could expect to pay an average of about $30 for a decent pair of yoga pants, while paying upwards of $70 for a pair of organic hemp yoga pants, or as low at $7 for a no name brand online. While it is a bit of a money saver, you are more likely better off getting a pair of yoga pants from a clothing brand you know as and trust as opposed to an unknown make. More often than not in clothing designed to a specific activity, it is better to go with a name brand rather than a generic.

Other than that, if you don’t feel you need a specific pair of pants for yoga, you want to look for a few key things in any pants you buy for yoga. First off, the material needs to be soft—you’re going to moving in new and unusual ways, and you don’t want to chafe anywhere you’re not used to being rubbed. Second, you moving in very unusual ways, and thus you will need to have freedom of movement—meaning that you need to have space in the pants—skin pants will not work for yoga asanas pants.

Lastly, the pants should also stretch in some capacity—they don’t need to be like a rubber band, but jeans are entirely too stiff. The idea is that you want the material to give, especially around the seams to avoiding tearing.

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