What Are the Benefits of Vitamin C? Vitamin C RDA Chart

the benefit of vitamin c

The advantages of vitamin C embrace serving to to develop, develop and restore all physique tissues, in addition to boosting your immune system and providing anti-aging results on the physique.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is likely one of the varied nutritional vitamins wanted by the physique for optimum progress and functioning. Consuming acceptable quantities of vitamin C has a number of well being advantages, comparable to:

  • It helps preserve wholesome bones, cartilage, tooth and gums.
  • It acts as a potent antioxidant and protects cells and tissues from the damaging results of free radicals.
  • It has an anti-aging impact on the pores and skin and organs.
  • It boosts the immune system and helps get better quicker from infections.
  • It aids the therapeutic of wounds and burns.
  • It helps preserve wholesome blood vessels.
  • It helps soak up iron from the intestine.
  • It aids the formation of essential chemical messengers within the nervous system (neurotransmitters).
  • It helps generate vitality within the physique by contributing to the formation of carnitine (a compound that helps launch vitality from fat within the physique).
  • It helps type steroid hormones within the adrenal glands.
  • It helps stop cardiovascular ailments.
  • It helps preserve eye well being.

Owing to the varied well being advantages, notably the antioxidant function of vitamin C, it’s popularly given to sufferers with critical infections, together with COVID-19. Research counsel that vitamin C supplementation helps scale back the inflammatory markers (chemical compounds that enhance throughout irritation within the physique), limits illness development and assist get better quicker from viral and fungal infections.

Vitamin C is getting used as part of COVID-19-associated acute respiratory misery syndrome or ARDS (a extreme lung situation). Nonetheless, there’s not sufficient information from scientific trials to assist its use for this situation.

Research additionally counsel vitamin C performs a protecting function in managing hypertension (even hypertension throughout being pregnant, referred to as preeclampsia), diabetes, allergy symptoms, bronchial asthma and sunburns.

Being a potent antioxidant, vitamin C additionally protects from cancers, comparable to breast and pores and skin most cancers. There may be, nonetheless, not sufficient proof about taking excessive doses of vitamin C to deal with most cancers. Vitamin C in excessive doses could slightly intervene with chemotherapy. Therefore, ask your physician in case you are on chemotherapy and taking vitamin C dietary supplements.

How a lot vitamin C do you want daily?

The typical every day requirement of vitamin C is expressed as advisable dietary allowance or RDA. It’s the common every day quantity of vitamin C a person wants to fulfill the every day necessities.

Desk 1. RDA of vitamin C for wholesome adults and youngsters (in mg)
Age groupRDA
0 to six months*40
7 to 12 months*50
1 to three years15
4 to eight years25
9 to 13 years45
14 to 18 years (males)75
14 to 18 years (females)65
19 years and older (males)90
19 years and older (females)75
*Vitamin C necessities of infants needs to be met via the weight loss plan.
Desk 2. RDA of vitamin C in particular conditions
Pregnant teenagers and adolescents (14 to 18 years outdated)80 mg
Pregnant girls (19 years outdated and older)85 mg
Lactating or breastfeeding teenagers and adolescents (14 to 18 years outdated)115 mg
Lactating or breastfeeding girls (19 years outdated and older)120 mg
People who smokeExtra 35 mg past the RDA as smoking depletes vitamin C ranges within the physique


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Is it protected to take 500 mg of vitamin C every day?

The utmost quantity of nutritional vitamins you’ll be able to safely take daily is outlined because the tolerable higher consumption stage or UL. The UL for vitamin C for many adults is 2000 mg per day. Therefore, you’ll be able to safely eat 500 mg of vitamin C every day.

Nonetheless, the UL could also be decrease in sure conditions, comparable to toddlers, kids, adolescents, pregnant girls and other people with sure well being situations (comparable to kidney ailments). Thus, you should seek the advice of your physician about how a lot vitamin C it’s good to eat every day. Larger doses of vitamin C could also be wanted to deal with sure medical situations (comparable to scurvy) or in sure scientific trials below medical supervision.

Extra of vitamin C past what’s required by the physique could result in undesirable results, comparable to:

There may be additionally a threat of undesirable drug–vitamin C interactions in case you are taking medicines, comparable to acetaminophen, sure antacids, nervousness drugs (barbiturates) or blood thinners (warfarin) over the long run together with vitamin C.

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Medically Reviewed on 8/27/2021


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