What is Guided Meditation?

Geteasyhealth.com – Guided Meditation is a type of exercise that many people perform in order to relieve their daily stress. With the use of concentration, guided meditation can help people to have a moment out of their busy lives to simply relax. This relaxation technique can then help people to feel calmer and more relaxed about the tasks they perform in their everyday lives. For people who may be taking trips to the doctor for their overwhelming stress or who have been given prescriptions for medication to relieve their stress, guided meditation may be another route for them to take in order to curb the stress they may be feeling.

Meditation is a task that can be performed by anyone as long as they can take a few minutes out of their day and sit down quietly and in concentration. Meditation is done as an exercise in order to sound and relax the mind for a period of time. This state of relaxation is proven to follow a person throughout his or her day and make him or her feel less stressed out by everyday tasks and stresses.

There is a big difference between a normal mind, a concentrating mind and a meditating mind. A normal mind contains many distractions and a series of thoughts about things such as pets, relationships, work or hobbies. With so many thought in a normal mind, there is no way to relax and concentrate or to relieve the stress from these issues that may be on the mind. A concentrating mind may be a little more contained than the normal mind but is still weighed down by distractions.

The concentrating mind may be able to concentrate on guided meditation for a moment but then switches back to another distraction. This pattern can go on and on and the mind can easily jump from different distractions and back to guided meditation.

Although this concentration is better than the normal mind, it is still impossible for a person with a concentrating mind to relieve stress while meditating because there are still distracting thoughts running through his or her mind. The actual meditating mind, which is the mind that is used by people who are experienced and serious about their time of guided meditation, simply concentrates on the object of guided meditation.

The meditating mind is the best state of mind that should try to be achieved by anyone who is trying to perform a moment of guided meditation. By completely concentrating on the object of guided meditation, the guided meditation mind is free of distractions and free of the thoughts of everyday stresses. The guided meditation mind is not polluted by the thoughts of things such as friends, co-workers, jobs, and hobbies and tasks that need to be done. With the distraction of these thoughts, the person is able to concentrate fully on relaxing and guided meditation.

When a person who achieves a guided meditation mind is done with the moment of guided meditation, he or she feels refreshed and relieved of everyday stresses. By concentrating on the object of mediation and forgetting about all of the daily tasks and issues of life, the person is able to look beyond those stresses and relieve him or herself of them. By achieving the guided meditation mind, the person has gotten to experience the height of guided meditation and what it is truly meant to do for people. Everyone starts their guided meditation session with a normal mind and in order to reap the benefits of a guided meditation session, he or she must develop a normal mind into a concentrating mind and a concentrating mind into a meditating mind. If the mind is able to go through these three steps of guided meditation, the person is able to experience true guided meditation and will leave the session with clarity and bliss.

Meditation is a type of mental exercise that was developed in order to help people deal with their everyday stresses. When a person achieves a moment of mediation during the day, he or she is left feeling more relaxed and easygoing. With the ability to sustain all thoughts and distractions for a person’s mind, he or she is able to achieve this guided meditation mind and can explore the benefits of the exercise. Meditation forces a person to explore the object of guided meditation and no other thoughts. This absence of stress and problem solving for a moment is relaxing and blissful.

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